About Valerie



As a holistic and humanistic counselor, I believe that how you think and feel and act, at any given moment, is the result of the dynamic interaction among many internal and external forces. Creating a sense of well-being usually involves awareness, insight, personal discovery and transformation, a process which progresses uniquely for every individual. Healing can be a multidimensional process that unfolds in layers over time.

The level of healing you experience in our work together is your choice. You can feel better about your current symptoms, or you can feel terrific about your entire life. Imagine the following areas of your being now restored:

  • Mental and Emotional – Notice that thoughts and emotions arise together. Healed, you are mentally focused. Your days are calmer. You have found contentment and meaning in your life.
  • Physical – Stress (a state of resistance) has been minimized. The body is beginning to relax and to feel good, a state of well-being that facilitates the healing of physical dis-ease.
  • Social – Your relationships feel loving and supportive of your authentic sense of self, and how you choose to live.
  • Environmental/Lifestyle – Feeling so good, you continue to make choices that nurture your feeling of wellness. Your life is expanding, transforming and self-actualizing.
  • Spiritual – You begin to sense your interconnectedness with all of life. You experience compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness more often. You express love and gratitude for all. Synchronicities are more frequent and more powerful. As your sense of self expands, transcendent, transpersonal and altered states of consciousness are experienced naturally, while still maintaining contact with everyday reality.