Areas of Practice


Artistic/Creative Expression


Some people have a hard time expressing themselves with words, so I often use alternative techniques that prove more helpful.

  • Art – Pictures, symbols or mandalas are drawn with colored pencils. The colors help to differentiate among various emotions depicted within the artwork.
  • Dance – Dance or movement to music can help express emotion, rid the body of anger, or tell a story.
  • Music – Music therapy has been found helpful for decreasing distressing emotions, calming the body into a meditative or healing state, and uplifting mood.
  • Drama – Drama or acting can help those, especially in family therapy, who need more expressive ways to communicate and to show others how one member appears to another. For instance, talking about how a teen’s anger affects the family is one thing, but seeing what that anger looks like as it is reenacted is tremendously helpful.

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