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Movement/Bioenergetic Work


If you were to say to me that you could only do one thing to help yourself feel better, I would recommend movement. We usually think of exercise only if we want to look more fit. But most of us are not told the most fundamental reason we need to exercise regularly. The answer, “Use it, or lose it!” Literally. Think about it.

When we use a part of our body, that movement sends energetic signals throughout the body’s entire structural and energetic matrix. Those signals say, “Hey, over here!” communicating how the body is being used. The entire body’s system immediately adapts to accommodate and support that movement, that needed function. If we don’t use our muscles, they shorten and become more rigid. A weak heart muscle can no longer move blood adequately enough to provide nutrition, hydration and oxygenation to our cells and tissues. Neural impulses and energetic vibrations also become restricted. If we don’t move, lymph doesn’t move. The result? The chronic stress, tension, aches, pains, brittle bones, mental fog, emotional imbalance, and compromised immune system that we mistake for “normal aging”.

Movement increases serotonin levels and releases endorphins that reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It speeds up your metabolism, improves digestion and elimination, and gets rid of toxins. Movement helps you think more clearly and boosts energy levels. As it does, your weight normalizes, your self-esteem improves and you sleep better. You are mentally, emotionally and physically healthier.

There are numerous sources of information that help you select the exercise protocol that is best for you. Talk to your healthcare provider. For those of you having very limited or no movement capability, or who are recovering from severe physical illness, I offer a ZY Qigong “cellular wakeup” bioenergetic technique that can get you started. Bioenergetic techniques work at the energetic vibrational level, the body’s most fundamental communication system upon which all others (biochemical, structural, neurological) are based.

The low impact movement/bioenergetic techniques I most often recommend include:

  • Deep breathing combined with imagery
  • Yoga
  • Qigong
  • Quantum-Touch, chakra balancing and other energy healing modalities

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