Areas of Practice


Humanistic Psychotherapy


The humanistic perspective (see also ), values the inherent capacity of every human being to self-actualize his or her unique potential. This whole person multidimensional orientation believes in the value of psychotherapy, not just for serious mental health concerns, but also for healthy individuals interested in personal growth, and in the ability each of us has to consciously choose and create our own life path. Humanistic psychology recognizes the role of personal (conscious and unconscious) and societal intentions and values in guiding our behavior. It believes in the interaction of mind, body and spirit.

The therapeutic environment is one of unconditional positive regard, of empathic understanding and personal congruence. Therapy itself emphasizes consciousness, choice, personal responsibility, interpersonal competence, love and compassion, harmony and balance with the earth, and the importance of a nurturing environment in which to grow.

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