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Intention Meditation


Long before the popular film “The Secret” instructed millions of viewers in the universal law of attraction, therapists and mystics alike spoke of the value in replacing negative thoughts with positive intentions.

Intention meditation involves choosing a state of being to experience. It requires all of your senses. It is more than visualization. You use your heart. You use not only your mind’s eye, but also your mind’s ear, nose, tongue and body to touch and experience a chosen state while still awake. The higher states of consciousness that can be reached in this way are the states in which the universal law of attraction begins to operate, the states where mind meets matter, the states that are explained by the latest in quantum physics, energy medicine, humanistic and positive psychology research using phrases such as resonance, entanglement, scalar waves, energy healing, and yes, intention experiments.

How does setting intention work? Simply put, energy follows thought and feeling. The more focused the thought and feeling, the stronger and more coherent (when heart, brain and nervous system are in-sync) the energy. From research conducted so far, it appears that since everything is energy, and energy is boundless, setting strong intentions within your energy field resonates with the fields of similar intentions throughout the universe. More specifically, the use of imagery and intention generates electrical and magnetic fields within your nervous system, which can spread through your body and beyond. The energy and water in our living matrix can resonate and be imprinted with the energetic vibrations underlying words, thoughts, and intention. Since the heart produces the strongest electrical and magnetic rhythms of any tissue in the body, and sends signals to the brain, coherent intentions formed with love and gratitude, are hundreds of times stronger than intentions formed from incoherent random thoughts.

Watch the demo at "" to see a graphical presentation of heart and brain coherence, and what it means for your emotional, mental and physical wellness.

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