Areas of Practice


Somatic/Body-Focused Methods


Somatic methods focus on the physical cellular structure of the body. The energy of trauma and other emotions will remain in the somatic tissues of the body as long as those emotions are repressed. As the emotions are released, their energy moves out of the body.

In my initial assessment, it is helpful when you let me know what areas of your body hold tension, pain, numbness or disease. Since our physical structure is built from an energetic blueprint, the body can serve as a mirror to our emotional pain. I teach you to consider what your body may be telling you about your deepest emotions.

Somatic guided meditation is another common technique I may suggest if and when it feels appropriate. In this technique I teach you how to ask the mind to step aside, as you intuitively scan the rest of your body for sensations and messages that may arise. Receiving insights from the body in this way can be a surprisingly profound experience.

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